The New Georgetown Visiting Fellows Program Unites Experts in Tech Governance, Law, and Media

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Tech News Summary:
1. Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy has launched a new visiting fellows program in January 2024, attracting renowned experts in technology and policy.
2. The inaugural class of visiting fellows will actively engage with students, lead focus groups, offer one-on-one conversations, contribute as guest lecturers, conduct research, and serve as guides for student visits to various organizations.
3. The visiting fellows include Victoria Houed, Gustav Chiarello, and Joseph Jerome, each bringing extensive experience and expertise in technology policy to enrich academic discourse at Georgetown University.
Georgetown University has announced the launch of a new fellowship program that will bring together experts in technology governance, law, and media to address the complex challenges facing society in the digital age.

The Georgetown Visiting Fellows Program will bring in leading scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world to collaborate on research, teaching, and public engagement. The program is part of Georgetown’s broader efforts to foster interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and shaping the impact of technology on society.

“We are thrilled to welcome these distinguished experts to our community, where they will contribute to our ongoing conversations about the ethical, legal, and social implications of technology,” said Georgetown President John J. DeGioia. “Their work will help us better understand and address the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid evolution of digital technologies.”

The inaugural cohort of visiting fellows includes a diverse group of individuals with expertise in areas such as digital privacy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and media regulation. They will work closely with faculty and students from Georgetown’s schools of law, public policy, and communication, as well as with partners from the private and public sectors.

“We are living in a time of unprecedented technological change, and it is vital that we bring together experts from different disciplines to develop innovative solutions to the complex problems that arise,” said Laura Donohue, director of the Georgetown Center on National Security and the Law. “The Visiting Fellows Program will create a dynamic environment for collaboration and knowledge exchange.”

The program will also include public events, workshops, and seminars that will bring the expertise of the visiting fellows to a broader audience. By engaging with policymakers, industry leaders, and the public, the program aims to foster informed dialogue about the ways in which technology is shaping our society and to advance policy solutions that promote the public interest.

The New Georgetown Visiting Fellows Program is set to kick off in the fall, and the university is already looking forward to the impact it will have on its community and beyond. This innovative approach to addressing the complex challenges of the digital age reflects Georgetown’s commitment to excellence in scholarship, teaching, and public service.

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