The new SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless is less expensive than the Xbox Series S

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Joining SteelSeries’ more affordable wired headset today, the Nova 7 revamps the design of the Pro, making gaming headsets look like regular, well-engineered headphones. Each comes with an elastic band for head support, extendable side arms, and comfortable-looking ear pads. Focusing on the Nova 7 Wireless, each earcup has a ton of buttons, dials and more. On the left is a volume control, a mute button, and a 3.5mm port for connecting the included audio cable.

The Nova Pro Wireless, a SteelSeries wireless gaming headset, has a fairly high barrier to entry at $350. That price is probably worth it for some, but if you want some of this headset’s features in a $179.99 package, the Nova 7 Wireless bears your name. It lacks a powerful battery, active noise cancellation, and a convenient wireless base station for quick adjustments. However, it retains some of the Nova Pro Wireless’ key features, such as simultaneous multi-source audio via Bluetooth and his 2.4GHz USB-C audio transmitter.


  • They are identical in design, function and price and come with blue or green rubber straps on the headrests. The standard Nova 7 Wireless comes with a black rubber strap. SteelSeries advertises that the Nova 7 Wireless can last up to 38 hours on his single charge, and he says a 15-minute charge will give him 6 hours of playtime. SteelSeries GG PC software must be installed to unlock full functionality. This allows you to adjust things like sidetone (how much of your voice and surrounding sounds you hear through the headset’s speakers), spatial audio and “parametric EQ”.

  • There is also a retractable mic. On the right is a USB-C charging port, a dial to adjust the mix of chat and game audio, buttons for pairing and controlling Bluetooth devices, and a power button. With the included USB-C to USB-A adapter, Nova 7 Wireless is compatible with a wide range of platforms, from Sony PlayStation and Xbox consoles to Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, Oculus Quest 2, Android and USB-C based There is a nature iPad. SteelSeries will release PlayStation and Xbox focused versions (Nova 7P and Nova 7X respectively).

According to SteelSeries, this is an equalizer setting that supposedly lets you hear the more important game sounds that can give you an edge in games. At $99.99, the Nova 3 has many of the same physical features as the Nova 7 Wireless (plus a newer addition: RGB backlighting on the ear cups). mm connectors (two cables included, one for each port). The $59.99 Nova 1 turns the USB-C jack into a 3.5mm jack to connect to controllers and other devices that support it.

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