The news is not good for Appleis the new M2 processor equipped MacBook Professionals

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When we look at the claims made so far, it was stated that the computers, which will be powered by the M2 processor, will be introduced in the autumn season and will be available for sale before the end of the year. However, when it comes to Apple sensations, it is the first name that comes to mind. Ming Chi Kuo, seems to disagree quite a bit with the rest of the industry.

As a result of Apple switching to the M-series processor for MacBooks It is true that the desire to have a significant impact on the industry is M1. This year, the M2 series was used to unveil a new technology by American technology giant Apple, who has once again attracted worldwide attention following the release of its processor. MacBooks It seeks to once more command attention.


  • on the other hand Kuo’s His only annoying claim is not limited to this. The famous hearer also rejects the idea that we will see TSMC chips produced in the 3nm process in new computers. to Kuo According to Apple, its new computers will continue to follow the 5nm process used in the previous models of the series. Kuo’s both pointing to further days as dates and saying that the devices will be below the expected performance, apple It looks like it’s going to piss off the fans a lot.

  • kuo According to the latest information shared by Apple, M2 14 inch and 16 inch with processor MacBook Pro It will be able to start producing models only in the last quarter of the year. This means that those who want to buy new laptops will have to wait for January 1, 2023 at the earliest.

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