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The servers of “Dark Souls 3” have more connection problems

  • The PC version of Dark Souls 3 servers have been experiencing more connectivity issues since their return in August, but online play seems to be picking up.

After a game code security issue was discovered in January, Dark Souls 3’s servers were revived in his August, but the issue has already been resolved as many users reported the issue on the Steam forums.

Some users are reporting errors connecting to the server and others seem unable to launch the game at all. Users are understandably frustrated, as one player said:  The game is very lonely, with no player messages or blood stains. We’re doing our annual rerun series, and it’s much calmer and sadder than usual. ”

The official Dark Souls Twitter account confirmed the issue yesterday (September 21st), stating that an online issue was affecting his Steam version of the game. “We are investigating the cause of the issue and will update you as soon as we have more information,” the post added.

It’s unclear at this time if this was due to a fix provided by his FromSoftware, or if the issue that caused the game’s downtime remains unresolved, but the server is now online.

FromSoftware claims it will notify players when its servers are up again, and although the company hasn’t announced anything yet, it looks like users can connect again. A post on the Steam forums claims that the servers are back online, confirming that several users are able to access online features again.

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