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The Skull & Bones trailer showcases custom ships and pirate lairs


We also explored the pirate cave where we collect loot. We also learned that Skull & Bones will feature cross-platform play at launch. There’s obviously a lot of his PvP at its core, but he can turn PvP off at any time so he’s not disturbed by others. PC players can sign up from the official website to play the game early. After a five-year wait and several delays, Skull and Bones releases on November 8th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

Skull and Bones got a new trailer today that showcases a variety of features, including ship customization and a pirate den to smuggle treasure and sell it to the highest bidder. We explored the ship customization system, including visual customizations such as ship armor, paint, sails, and other decorations that resist different types of damage.


  • For example, the Sambuk ship helps players deal more damage with fired weapons. Brigs, on the other hand, can deal more damage while anchored. Each ship can be equipped with unique weapons, ammunition, armor, furniture and decorations.

  • “To achieve that, you’ll need to unlock your own pirate lair known as the Helm, which will increase your notoriety and eventually serve as a base for your smuggling operations,” he said. “Here you can make expensive commodities such as rum and opium and then sell them to the wealthiest. From here on you are free to choose your own contract rather than be at the mercy of other pirate kings.” can also be obtained.” When it comes to customization, players can tinker with how their ships are piloted, how powerful they are, and what advantages they have.

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