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The snore and cough counters will expand Google’s Digital Wellbeing program to physical health


However, according to 9to5Google, who went into the app’s code and discovered the following string: “See how often you cough or snore during your scheduled bedtime,” Google may be seeking to bring the “digital” aspect of its Wellbeing app into the physical world as well.

If you use the links on this page to make a purchase, we might receive a commission. With Android 9, Google debuted the Digital Wellbeing concept, which aims to improve the phone-life balance by limiting app notifications or adding Do Not Disturb features for specific times of the day. The goal of Digital Wellbeing is to break the cycle of endless scrolling and tapping that causes us to become addicted to our pocket computers for many waking hours without a genuine need to do so. This is done through the use of tools to unplug, productivity stats and options, parental controls, and other measures.


  • Back in May, it was looking for beta testers of this option as part of its Health Studies app that continuously recruits such volunteers around the various physical fitness and health projects at Google, and the cough and snore detection option may soon be maturing to an actual release after successful testing.

  • In addition, there will be Wellbeing counters like and “Average cough count” and “Average time snoring” which could give you vital statistic about these new physical health-related features. There are plenty of similar apps in the Play Store, as well as among those accompanying health and fitness smart bands or watches, but Google has been running the test of these cough and snore detection features since the spring and is apparently ready to incorporate them in the Digital Wellbeing features on a system level.

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