The Sonic Cocoon is complemented by the Beale Street Landscape Audio

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The rest of the equipment was pretty self explanatory. The subwoofer feels sturdy, and Randy Blanchard of Beale Street tells me that the woofer is not only glued on, but reinforced with stitches to withstand the rigors of outdoor installations.

After going back and forth a few times, I stared at the white and brown box, but it made little sense. The only thing I didn’t get enough of was the delivery of the Trailer Speakers Landscape Accessories He opened the kit and it clicked. Beale Street has cleverly adapted a commercially available pendant loudspeaker for outdoor use.


  • This part involved a lot of hard work with some prayers not to cut any of the existing high voltage, low voltage or irrigation work that was zigzagging through my garden. Grabbing a burial wire, a shovel, and my oldest son’s hammer drill, I set about arranging the system.

  • Beale Street Outdoor Audio System Installation

I did another stretch of 16/4 up to the submarine and then combined the two runs for an indoor trip. We both knelt down on the base and started hammering holes in the base. After about 20 minutes, he huddled in a crawl space and smiled contentedly.

The speakers can work in stereo or mono, but in this case I chose to use one channel of the amplifier for stereo to mono sound and the other for the subwoofer. A 16/4 strand ground wire was routed to the first speaker and terminated to the onboard Phoenix connector before connecting to a partner 20 feet away. So far, so good.

When I entered the crawl space, he was waiting in the media closet upstairs to hook my fish finger on the upstairs hanger. The whole experience put a nostalgic smile on my face as I remembered doing the same with my brother when I started Livewire 20 years ago.

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