The Wireless Charging Platform from Tesla is expensive and well-made

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Last December, Tesla and Freepower announced a wireless charging platform, and it could be the spiritual successor to the Base Station Pro. However, like many of the automaker’s other products, it’s almost ludicrously expensive. At $300, Tesla’s offer costs twice as much as the most expensive item in our best multi-device wireless charger. However, die-hard fans might not care about the bounty, and there are some unique features here that could explain the delta (though I suppose that’s still too much to justify) .

As a “technology supplier”, according to Slatnick, Freepower typically doesn’t make products for consumers, other than the base station chargers it makes in conjunction with Nomad Goods. When the Pro model launched in 2019, it was seen as an attractive alternative to Apple’s canceled AirPower charging pad. Both promise to power three devices without you having to carefully line them up on the charging coil. But the Base Station series is no longer supported and there are compatibility issues affecting charging speed.

For that money, at least you get what looks like a premium product, for sure. The loading platform is a dense and sturdy block about 220 mm (8.66 inches) wide that weighs 747 grams (1.64 pounds). With a magnetic stand supporting it at an angle, the entire device weighs 1.02 kg (2.26 pounds), which is quite heavy. It’s not like you’re going to carry it in your backpack, so it’s not a big deal, but it’s worth noting in case you’re hoping to pack it on your next trip.

Other than that small note, there’s not much to complain about. The alcantara fabric on the surface gives a solid texture to my slippery phone, and the 60-inch power cable should easily extend to my side table from the nearest outlet. The cord is also neatly tucked away in a discreet slot so fans of cable management are delighted. The platform and the accompanying 65-watt charger both have an angular look reminiscent of the Cybertruck, with a sleek matte black finish. It’s not much to see, until you take a closer look and start to notice small aesthetic touches.

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