These 5 companies are made up of Google Amazon Twitter Facebook And Apple indiscriminately collect information on consumers. Google ranks first

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With 12 points, Apple sits at the bottom of the list. Indeed, a survey by StockApp, a stock trading software and market analysis platform, reveals that Apple is the least likely of the five big digital companies—Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple—to preserve the privacy of its consumers.

According to a recent study on user data privacy, it has been identified which businesses are leading the way in collecting user data. You might be shocked to learn that Google leads the pack when it comes to data collection. The survey also showed that Apple gathers less user data than its rivals, like Google and Meta. Actually, Apple has always made a point of stressing their attention on privacy. Privacy is referred to by Apple as a “fundamental human right.”


  • Read this as well: Every home will have an own theatre: Utilize this equipment to create a 50 to 200-inch TV at home. Each of the five data firms focuses on a specific data category rather than quantity, according to the report. Google gathers more diverse forms of user data than other companies. Its score of 39 puts it at the top of the list for this reason.

  • most devoted to It merely gathers and keeps the data required to keep the User’s account active. With 12 points, Apple sits at the bottom of the list. Apple doesn’t need access to user data from companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon since it lacks a search engine, social media platform, or all-purpose retail website.

Facebook is 14 points behind Twitter and Amazon. Amazon comes in second with 23 points, followed by Twitter with 24 points. Unexpectedly, Facebook came in fourth place with 14 points, barely ahead of Apple. This indicates that compared to Google or even Twitter, Facebook collects much less user data. Facebook has been involved in a data collection issue, but a recent study demonstrates that the corporation has made progress.

Target advertising is more highly favoured by Google than third-party trackers. Google also keeps it across a number of domains, which allows it to access your browser history. According to StockApps, there is a good chance that Google is gathering this data if it is.

Instead of Chrome, users should use this browser: study. The report suggests that, rather of using Google Chrome, you switch to a privacy-focused app and browser like DuckDuckGo because you can never be sure which programme is gathering what information about you. In essence, the report advises people to stay away from anything and everything that is connected to Google. The fact that Google stores exact location information on its customers is one of the main worries.

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