These “wildcard features” could be revealed by Apple with the iPhone 14 series

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With the upcoming iPhones, Apple might finally introduce satellite connectivity features. The function was once predicted to debut with the iPhone 13. According to a recent Bloomberg story, the function will enable users to connect to cell networks in remote locations, allowing them to send texts in an emergency. Additionally, they will be able to use their iPhones to report emergencies in locations without cellular service. A trustworthy industry insider claims that Apple and Globalstar may collaborate on the feature for the forthcoming iPhone.

The date for Apple’s “Far Out” event is September 7. The corporation is anticipated to introduce the 2022 iPhone series at the occasion. While there have been numerous iPhone 14 rumours floating around the internet for some time, a report from Macrumours claims that the Cupertino-based corporation may be working on a few “wildcard features.” Curious about those characteristics? Read on. Bringing Hope Into Cambodians’ Lives While the Country Is Under Lockdown.


  • Notably, high-end Android devices already come with vapour chamber thermal technologies that enable devices to stay cool while under intense workloads. Los Angeles: The tech giant Google has restored the previous Duo icon and name as a separate shortcut that appears in the app launcher after renaming its Duo video chat programme Meet. According to 9To5Google, Google decided to consolidate its two video calling services into one and chose “Meet” as the survivor brand.

  • Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, previously stated that high-end iPhones in 2022 may include a vapour chamber thermal technology for managing heat. For its iPhone, Apple was “aggressively testing” such a solution, according to Kuo.

With the release of the iPhone 13 series, Apple eliminated the 64GB storage option and began delivering the iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB of storage. According to a rumour, the manufacturer of iPhones may provide consumers with the iPhone 14 models with an even larger 2TB storage option. High-end models from the series are most likely to be included with the new storage.

The only application that is still in use in terms of implementation is Google Duo, which has recently undergone an update that includes a new home screen and features from both services. According to the research, Duo’s substantially larger installed base explains this. The four-color Meet version was launched in an upgrade that began going out at the beginning of August, replacing the blue Duo icon. Having updated and launched the app,

The newest WiFi protocol, WiFi 6E, is believed to be included in Apple’s next iPhone 14 series. With the most recent WiFi standard, jobs requiring a high capacity can be handled more effectively and at faster rates. The most recent models of iPads, Macs, and iPhones all have WiFi 6.

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