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This Labor Day, prices for Google’s Pixel 6a and Samsung’s Galaxy A53 5G are among the lowest ever


Our top two picks on that list (which was most recently updated last month) are the recently released Google Pixel 6a with 5G support and the slightly older but aptly named Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. Both highly regarded Android mid-range phones are currently available at Best Buy for incredibly steep discounts.

While Best Buy has a wide selection of ultra-high-end phones at significant discounts on its lengthy list of top Labor Day 2022 deals, many people on tight budgets would still choose to get one of the best mid-range phones at a reasonable price ahead of the hectic holiday season.


  • That’s right, you can purchase any of these distinctly feature-rich, passably attractive, and incredibly quick phones for as low as $199.99… under certain circumstances. Just in case you’re wondering, without activation, While Google’s Pixel 6a 5G is only $50 cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy A53 5G, the price of Samsung’s device remains same at $450.

  • The “catch” is that in order to maximise your savings, you’ll need to select a particular carrier in advance and activate the device of your choice from those two models when making your purchase. At the time of writing, the Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 5G have “advertised” markdowns of up to $150 off their $449 standard costs. However, if you play your cards correctly and choose a T-Mobile or AT&T activation with a new line or new account, for example, you could actually save as much as $250.

As you can expect, Best Buy’s up to $250 discounts may end at any time. As a result, if you’re interested in a very affordable Android soldier with excellent software support and even better hardware specifications (for the present price), you should make a purchase as soon as possible.

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