Thomas Helbo Joins VodafoneZiggo as New Chief Technology Officer

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Tech News Summary:

  • Thomas Helbo has been appointed as the new chief technology officer at VodafoneZiggo, a leading telecommunications company in the Netherlands, to enhance technological capabilities and expand network infrastructure.
  • Helbo’s expertise in driving innovation and implementing cutting-edge technologies will help VodafoneZiggo stay competitive in the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, particularly with advancements in 5G technology, IoT connectivity, and cloud-based services.
  • VodafoneZiggo’s strategic hiring of Thomas Helbo reflects its commitment to investing in top talent and fostering a culture of innovation, positioning the company for long-term success and sustainability in an increasingly digitized world.

VodafoneZiggo, the leading telecommunications company in the Netherlands, has announced the appointment of Thomas Helbo as its new Chief Technology Officer. Helbo joins the organization with a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry and will play a crucial role in driving the company’s technology and innovation strategy forward.

In his new role, Helbo will be responsible for leading the company’s technology and network operations, as well as overseeing the development and implementation of new technologies that will enhance the customer experience.

Commenting on his new appointment, Helbo expressed his excitement to join VodafoneZiggo and work alongside the talented team. He added, “I am looking forward to driving the company’s technology agenda and ensuring that VodafoneZiggo remains at the forefront of innovation in the telecommunications industry.”

CEO of VodafoneZiggo, Jeroen Hoencamp, also welcomed Helbo to the organization, stating, “We are thrilled to have Thomas on board as our new Chief Technology Officer. His extensive experience and expertise will be instrumental in shaping the future of our technology and network infrastructure.”

With the appointment of Thomas Helbo as the new Chief Technology Officer, VodafoneZiggo is poised to further strengthen its position as a leader in the telecommunications industry, delivering cutting-edge technology and seamless customer experiences.

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