Through a collaboration with Sumsub, Markor Technology simplifies customer verification

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  • Global B2B and B2C technology solutions provider Markor Technology recently revealed an improved corporate identity and fresh website design. This month, the company continued its digital transformation by signing a new cooperation agreement with top verification platform Sumsub.

Sumsub, a multinational technology company with locations in Miami, London, Berlin, Cyprus, Tel Aviv, and London, provides an all-inclusive service that aids online businesses in securing the full user lifecycle with specialized KYC, KYB, KYT, and AML solutions. The firm will provide improved verification and fraud prevention as part of the relationship with Markor Technology, assuring complete compliance for the company’s iGaming clients.

From the perspective of the customer, this means a more efficient verification procedure that will do away with the inconveniences associated with standard KYC solutions. Sumsub has the highest conversion rates in the market, which gives Markor Technology a significant edge over rivals.

Sumsub leverages AI-powered anti-fraud techniques and in-house liveness technology to maintain the onboarding process quick and secure, as the company only needs 50 seconds to validate a user on average. As a result, many of Markor Technology’s clients find it simpler to expand into international markets, enabling them to take on more users globally while saving money and preventing digital fraud.

“By partnering with Sumsub, we are upholding these high standards by delivering rapid and flexible onboarding, compliance, and anti-fraud solutions to all our customers in the iGaming business,” stated Melissa Summerfield, chief executive officer of Markor Technology.

The reputation of Markor Technology’s multi-vertical, multi-licensed PAM system will be further improved by offering customers the expanded capabilities of a best-in-class verification platform.

And be safe, urged Andrew Sever, CEO of Sumsub. “To effectively attract users and keep out scammers, we offer an end-to-end KYC, KYT, and AML solution. This has helped iGaming businesses improve conversion rates and You can warmly welcome more customers with.”

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