Tips for a Safe and Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Virginia Tech’s Expert Advice on Food Safety, Budgeting, and Online Shopping

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Tech News Summary:

  • Virginia Tech experts are available for interviews on topics such as food safety for Thanksgiving, budgeting for Christmas shopping, and online shopping security.
  • Experts include Melissa Wright on food safety, Anna Zeide on the history of the Thanksgiving meal, Todd Schenk on navigating sensitive family topics, and Jadrian Wooten and Jesse Lineberry on budgeting for Christmas.
  • Additional research from Virginia Tech includes Emma Meno’s mobile app to prevent counterfeit products and research on partisan media sentiment towards artificial intelligence. Contact for interviews.

This Thanksgiving, many families are facing new challenges as they navigate the holiday during the ongoing pandemic. To help ensure a safe and stress-free holiday, experts from Virginia Tech are offering valuable advice on topics such as food safety, budgeting, and online shopping.

With concerns about food safety on the rise, Virginia Tech experts emphasize the importance of proper food handling and storage. Consumers are advised to follow the guidelines set by the USDA and FDA to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses. This includes proper thawing and cooking of turkey, as well as refrigerating leftovers promptly.

In addition to food safety, budgeting is a key consideration for many households this holiday season. Virginia Tech experts recommend creating a Thanksgiving budget to help manage expenses and avoid overspending. This includes planning ahead for groceries, decorations, and entertainment, as well as finding creative ways to stretch the budget without sacrificing the quality of the celebration.

As more people turn to online shopping for their Thanksgiving needs, experts from Virginia Tech are also providing tips on how to make the most of virtual shopping experiences. This includes researching prices and discounts, utilizing cashback and rewards programs, and being mindful of shipping deadlines to ensure timely delivery.

By incorporating expert advice on food safety, budgeting, and online shopping, families can enjoy a safe and stress-free Thanksgiving celebration. With a little planning and preparation, it is possible to create a memorable holiday experience while staying within budget and minimizing health risks.

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