Titanium iPhone to be unveiled by Apple

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Separately, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple is considering adding a new premium tier to its smartphone lineup with his iPhone Ultra in 2024. It sits above the Pro Max, which Gurman believes will stand out with a bigger screen, a better camera, and/or a better chip. I don’t think it will ever be foldable.

For background information, last year there were other possible hints that Apple might launch a titanium iPhone with another patented finish, and the iPhone 15 coming this fall in a new metal. I’ve seen rumors that it’s possible. Rumor has it that the design may also have rounded corners on the rear end.

Designer Jonas Daehnert shared renders of his iPhone Ultra on Twitter today, showing the front and back of the device.

To be clear, this isn’t based on Titan’s expectations of his iPhone 15 or his iPhone Ultra, which may arrive in 2024. This was an exercise to see if the Watch Ultra’s design language could be customized. :)”

In this regard, the adaptation has been very successful. The Apple Watch Ultra’s DNA shines through with its international orange action buttons and accents on the bottom connector, raised buttons and sturdy ringer switches, speaker cutouts, hard display edges, and rounded corners.

What do you think of iPhones that match the DNA of the Apple Watch Ultra? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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