To make the Switch consoles more energy efficient, Nintendo has modified them

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  • The Switch console has been modified to be more energy-efficient than the original model.

In a recent financial presentation to investors, Nintendo discussed its ongoing efforts to transform into a greener, more environmentally conscious business, stating that its goal was to “contribute to the worldwide welfare of people, societies, and the environment.”

Nintendo said it was concentrating on making ecologically responsible decisions in both its office premises and the production of its goods as part of its “Environmental, Social, [and] Governance” objectives.

During the presentation, Nintendo stated, “With regard to the environment, we not only consider energy and resource efficiency when designing products, but we also implement environmentally conscious initiatives like resource conservation and reducing CO2 emissions in each stage of manufacturing, transportation, sales, and after-sales services. We are also advancing new initiatives, like increasing the use of renewable energy sources and effectively using resources.

However, the unanticipated yen fall has been prolonged, and we will carefully analyze this while closely monitoring the situation going forward. It is true that the fall of the yen is causing hardware profitability to decrease, particularly in Japan. We continue to analyze numerous aspects in product sales, he added, adding that the way we assess the effects of inflation and other factors is consistent.

The presentation continued by revealing that the Switch’s energy consumption has decreased from 12w to 7w over the course of its lifetime. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch’s packaging has been reduced by 18%, allowing for the transportation of more devices. We do not currently have any intentions to increase hardware pricing.

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