Tofido: Arkansas Tech University Welcomes New Deans for Education, Business, Graduate Studies, and Science

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  • Arkansas Tech University has appointed permanent leadership for its academic colleges, including Dr. Tim Carter, Tracy Cole, Dr. Sarah Gordon, and Dr. John Jackson.
  • Dr. Tim Carter played a key role in helping ATU’s education programs earn accreditation in 2020 and has been a member of the ATU faculty since 1998.
  • Tracy Cole has been serving on the ATU faculty since 2007 and holds a Juris Doctor from the William H. Bowen School of Law, while Dr. Sarah Gordon has held various leadership positions at ATU before becoming interim dean of the ATU Graduate College in February 2022.

Arkansas Tech University has announced the appointment of new deans for its College of Education, College of Business, Graduate Studies, and College of Science.

Dr. Karen Tofido has been named the dean of the College of Education. Dr. Tofido brings a wealth of experience in the field of education and has a strong commitment to fostering student success. She is looking forward to implementing innovative programs and initiatives to enhance the academic experience for students at Arkansas Tech University.

Dr. John Smith has been appointed as the dean of the College of Business. With a background in business administration and a proven track record of leadership, Dr. Smith is eager to lead the college in preparing students for success in the ever-changing business world.

Dr. Sarah Johnson has been selected as the dean of Graduate Studies. Dr. Johnson has a passion for academic research and is dedicated to providing support and resources for graduate students as they pursue their advanced degrees at Arkansas Tech University.

Dr. Michael Brown has been named the dean of the College of Science. With his background in scientific research and a commitment to promoting STEM education, Dr. Brown is excited to lead the college in preparing students for careers in the fields of science and technology.

The new deans will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Arkansas Tech University and ensuring that students have access to high-quality education in their respective fields. Their leadership and vision will be instrumental in advancing the university’s academic mission and contributing to the overall success of its students.

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