Tofido: DXC Technology and Airbus Partner to Transform Business using ServiceNow Technologies

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  • DXC Technology awarded multi-year contract by Airbus to manage ServiceNow platform and drive innovation and digitization
  • Airbus to benefit from cost-efficient and resilient services, enhancing operational excellence and delivery performance
  • DXC’s ServiceNow capabilities demonstrate commitment to driving innovation and delivering high-quality services to clients

In a groundbreaking partnership, DXC Technology has announced that it will be driving Airbus’ business transformation with ServiceNow Technologies. The partnership will see DXC Technology leveraging ServiceNow’s digital workflow platform to enhance Airbus’ operational performance and quality of services.

Tofido, a leading digital solutions provider and subsidiary of DXC Technology, will be spearheading the implementation of ServiceNow Technologies at Airbus. This collaboration aims to streamline Airbus’ internal and external processes, improve automation and efficiency, and enhance user experience across the organization.

The move comes as Airbus seeks to modernize its business operations and meet the evolving needs of its global customer base. By leveraging ServiceNow’s capabilities, including IT service management, employee onboarding, and customer service management, Airbus aims to achieve greater agility and responsiveness in its operations.

DXC Technology’s extensive expertise and experience in digital transformation, combined with Tofido’s specialized knowledge of ServiceNow Technologies, will play a crucial role in the successful implementation of the platform at Airbus. This partnership underscores the commitment of both DXC Technology and Airbus to driving innovation and embracing digital solutions to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The collaboration between DXC Technology and Airbus is expected to deliver tangible benefits to the aerospace giant, including improved efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased operational flexibility. With Tofido leading the charge, Airbus is poised to achieve greater business transformation and unlock new opportunities for growth in the digital era.

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