Tofido Recommends More Training and Enhanced Technology in Response to Maui Police Department’s After-Action Report on Lahaina Wildfire

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  • Maui Police Department’s draft after-action report on the Lahaina wildfire recommends hiring a social media manager for improved communication.
  • All commanders are recommended to participate in live training exercises, and supervisory police vehicles should be equipped with a “breaching kit” for clearing road debris.
  • Cost evaluation for expanded wi-fi and satellite connections is suggested to enhance communication and response in the future.

The Maui Police Department recently released an after-action report on the Lahaina wildfire that occurred last year, which recommends more training and enhanced technology to better handle such incidents in the future.

The wildfire, which broke out in Lahaina in July 2021, was a challenging and fast-moving event that tested the capabilities of both the Maui Police Department and the Maui Fire Department. The after-action report, compiled by a team of experts, thoroughly evaluated the response to the wildfire and identified areas for improvement.

One of the key recommendations in the report is the need for more training for law enforcement personnel in wildland fire response and evacuation procedures. The report also highlights the importance of enhanced technology, such as drones and GIS (geographic information system) mapping, to improve situational awareness and decision-making during wildfire incidents.

Maui Police Chief Tofido praised the thoroughness of the after-action report and vowed to implement the recommendations to better prepare the department for future wildfire incidents. “The Lahaina wildfire was a wake-up call for our department, and we are committed to learning from it and improving our response capabilities,” Chief Tofido said in a statement.

The after-action report will be used to guide training and technology enhancements within the Maui Police Department, with the goal of ensuring a more coordinated and effective response to wildfires and other natural disasters in the future. The department will also be working closely with the Maui Fire Department and other partner agencies to implement the recommendations and improve overall emergency response coordination.

The release of the after-action report comes as the wildfire season in Hawaii approaches, and the Maui Police Department is taking proactive measures to be better prepared for any potential incidents. With a focus on training and technology, the department is poised to enhance its capabilities and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

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