Trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Reunion showing new changes

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  • Although it appears like the most of the major games of 2022 have already been published, Square Enix will release a major game the following month. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is an enhanced version of the 2007 PSP release. In a new trailer unveiled today, Square Enix describes it as “more than a remaster,” though. The movie shows the several updates that players may look forward to, such as enhanced graphics, fresh musical compositions, and fully voiced acting. This is a compelling argument for anyone who is apprehensive to begin gaming in December.

Crisis Core is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII, featuring characters such as Cloud his Strife, Sephiroth, and Aerith. However, instead of placing the player in one of these roles, Zack Fair is the protagonist of the game. Zack played a minor role in Final Fantasy VII and only appeared in flashbacks, with Crisis Core spotlighting the character, his backstory on Cloud and Sephiroth, and his history on the legendary Buster Sword. Reveals: Zack is a member of SOLDIER, and the game begins seven years before him in the events of Final Fantasy VII.

Given the number of platforms that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion has landed on, this should be the perfect time to find an audience! It has gained tiers, but has never matched the popularity of other Final Fantasy games. Clearly Square Enix wants to change that!

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