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TransLink wants Compass Cards to be available on Google Pay and Apple Wallet


TransLink increased their prices. The additional cost of a trip is listed below. On Metro Vancouver transit, customers will be able to pay with debit, but not for another year. A “printed message” was used to communicate during the hack on the transit system in Metro Vancouver. Limited edition Compass Cards designed after Bonnie Henry are available through TransLink. TransLink claims that while it may take some time, they are already working toward it.

Compass Cards are being made available on digital wallets, according to TransLink, although the process might still take years. Hundreds of people have signed a petition on Change.org asking TransLink to permit Compass Card users to add their cards to digital wallets. Users wouldn’t need to carry their cards around if Compass Cards were integrated into Apple’s and Google’s digital payment systems, the petition claims. The petition, which had more than 350 signatures as of Wednesday morning, stated that it would also be an excellent backup in case we lost or misplaced our physical card.


  • If they have a credit card stored in their digital wallet, transit customers can already use it, although it does cost more. For instance, a one-zone ticket costs $3.10 when paying with contactless technology, but only $2.50 when paying with stored currency on a Compass Card. TransLink said in a statement that it was “always looking into ways to make payments simpler and more comfortable for customers, and we know from engaging with our customers that introducing virtual Compass Cards to Apple Wallets and Google Pay is a vital feature.

  • TransLink noted in an email statement to CTV News Vancouver that one obstacle to accomplishing this right now is that they need to improve their systems to make virtual Compass Cards compatible with Apple Wallets and Google Pay. We are still ironing out the kinks, but in the next years, we plan to update our system and add virtual Compass Cards to Apple Wallets and Google Pay.

No other Canadian cities have transit payment options available on Apple Wallet, but several American cities do. Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., transit users can tap their devices to board.

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