Twitter is denying payment for Google Cloud bills.

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Main Points:

  • Twitter is reportedly refusing to pay its Google Cloud bills as its multi-year contract comes up for renewal, which could potentially cripple its trust and safety teams.
  • Details about the conflict between the two companies are unknown, but Twitter has been trying to renegotiate its contract with Google since at least March.
  • Twitter hosts some services on its server and houses others on the cloud platforms of Amazon and Google. Amazon warned Twitter in March that it would withhold advertising payments because of the company‚Äôs outstanding bills to Amazon Web Services.

In a recent turn of events, Twitter has announced that they will no longer be paying their Google Cloud bills. This move has raised eyebrows in the tech industry, as Google Cloud is known to be a reliable and widely-used cloud platform.

According to sources close to the matter, Twitter has cited rising costs as the reason for their decision to stop paying their Google Cloud bills. They believe that the platform has become too expensive and that they can find a more cost-effective solution elsewhere.

This development comes as a blow to Google Cloud, who have been working hard to expand their reach and attract more customers. With Twitter being one of the most prominent social media platforms in the world, their decision to cut ties with Google Cloud is sure to raise concerns among current and potential customers alike.

At this time, it is unclear what impact this decision will have on Twitter’s operations. However, industry experts have speculated that it could lead to longer load times, slower processing speeds, and more downtime for the platform.

Neither Twitter nor Google Cloud has released an official statement on the matter. However, it is likely that both companies will be closely monitoring the situation in the coming weeks and months.

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