Two more Xbox Game Pass titles will be announced at Paris Games Week 2022

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  • Longtime subscribers to Microsoft’s video game subscription service already had plenty to offer, as both Redfall and Starfield are coming to Game Pass this year, along with several other high-profile titles. Game Pass still beats subscriptions, even considering the relatively quiet deals this month and last month.

Microsoft has confirmed 12 games will be released on Game Pass for both Xbox consoles and PC, two of which are already available.

Microsoft is a company that cares about little boys. It gives developers the tools and resources they need to bring their games to both PC and Xbox consoles. But that’s not all. Microsoft often hosts showcases where developers showcase their upcoming titles. Specifically, the latest ID@Xbox Showcase revealed that the following games are moving to Game Pass:

Crusader Kings III – March 29, 2022

IMMORTALITY – Summer 2022

Tunic (Xbox Series X|S Optimized) – March 16, 2022

Trek to Yomi – Spring 2022

Escape Academy – 2022

Shredders (Xbox Series X|S Optimized) – March 17, 2022 Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – 2022

Floppy Knights – 2022 Paradise Killer (Xbox Series X|S Optimized) – March 16, 2022

Kraken Academy!! – March 22, 2022 Beacon Pines – Unknown

Of course, if you missed his previous ID@Xbox event, you may still discover good games there. For a few days, select Game Pass subscribers, for instance, could play Tunic and Paradise Killer. Fans have been amazed by Tunic’s colorful and captivating environment full with riddles and tight action-adventure gameplay thus far.

These aren’t the typical AAA titles most have associated Game Pass with since last year, but they’re still notable releases. A variety of giveaways should give Game Pass subscribers the opportunity to continue to invest in Microsoft. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is similar to Ashen and Crusader Kings 3. Citizen Sleeper – Unknown

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