‘Unstainable Thobe’ combines technology and tradition

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  • On the run, a stain on a bright white thobe can be a real pain, but with the Unstainable Thobe, that worry can be put far away.

The product was created by Heinz, a food manufacturer, and Wunderman Thompson, a public relations firm.

“Real people and Arabian Gulf culture served as the inspiration. In this area, thomes, khanduras, and dishdashas are particularly significant.

Keeping them perfectly white is a big problem because they are national costumes. Adham Abdullah, senior copywriter at Wunderman Thompson Dubai, said, “That is the thing.

The Unstainable Thobe, launched by the partnership, follows the garment’s traditional Saudi design, but the developers have expanded production to include UAE-style khandura and Omani-style dishdasha.

“Wearing a thobe is the norm, packing spares is the norm, and the need to eat discreetly is an accepted constraint. What if you could eat your favorite foods with your favorite sauces without fear?This is the real solution,” said Rita Giannelli, brand manager at Heinz.

Creating “Unstainable Thobe” took him a year from conception to approval, testing to production. “The testing phase was the longest. It took months to find the right technology and apply it to the tove while still providing the necessary protection to avoid staining without compromising the natural feel of the fabric. It took us a lot more time to learn how best to do it,” said Wunderman Thompson’s Tiago Bastos.

“When nanotechnology was applied to a completely custom-made tove, the fabric became thicker and uncomfortable to wear.Furthermore, although it works well for regular drinks such as coffee and tea, it is effective for heavy drinks such as ketchup and sauces. It’s not completely protected against liquids,” Bastos said.

The design team solved the problem by applying antifouling technology directly to the threads of the yarn before it becomes the actual fabric. “Unstainable Thobe is the result of a fusion of tradition and technology. The fabric is the same as the local tailor prefers, but the techniques applied to it are completely different,” said Wunderman Thompson Dubai Executive Creative Director. , says Pablo Dachevsky. Tove’s protective barrier against dirt consists of millions of 40-nanometer-wide silicon filaments that adhere to the fabric material, forming a coat that protects the fabric from splashes.

One of the concerns people face with non-stain materials is that the fabric loses its protective layer after a few washes. The aim of “Unstainable Thobe” is to solve this problem with technology. “Thobes can be washed regularly without compromising their protection,” says Dachefsky.

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