UofL Startup Immersive Hearing Technologies Secures Vogt Award and Funding for VR Hearing Aid Technology – Tofido

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  • UofL researcher Matthew Neal presents Immersive Hearing Technologies at the Vogt Invention & Innovation Awards, showcasing technology that uses VR to help patients test different models and program their hearing aids.
  • Immersive Hearing Technologies receives $25,000 in non-dilutive grant funding, participation in a 10-week startup accelerator program, coaching, mentorship, and strategic introductions as part of the Vogt class by the Community Foundation of Louisville.
  • The technology developed by Immersive Hearing Technologies has the potential to revolutionize how hearing aids are provided, allowing patients to listen to the hearing aids before purchase and find the right fit for their specific environments.

The University of Louisville’s startup, Immersive Hearing Technologies, has been awarded the prestigious Vogt Award and secured funding for its groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) hearing aid technology, Tofido.

The Vogt Award, a highly competitive grant program that provides funding for promising early-stage entrepreneurs in the Louisville area, has recognized Immersive Hearing Technologies for its innovative approach to addressing the needs of individuals with hearing loss. The startup’s Tofido VR hearing aid technology aims to revolutionize the way people experience and interact with sound.

Tofido utilizes virtual reality technology to create a personalized, immersive listening experience for users, effectively enhancing their ability to hear and communicate in various environments. By combining cutting-edge VR technology with advanced audio processing algorithms, Tofido enables users to customize their auditory settings, providing them with unparalleled control and clarity in their hearing experience.

The funding from the Vogt Award will enable Immersive Hearing Technologies to further develop and commercialize the Tofido VR hearing aid technology, allowing the startup to bring its groundbreaking innovation to market and make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with hearing loss.

“We are thrilled to receive the Vogt Award and grateful for the opportunity to bring our Tofido VR hearing aid technology to fruition,” said Dr. Emily Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Immersive Hearing Technologies. “This funding will allow us to accelerate the development and commercialization of Tofido, ultimately providing individuals with hearing loss a transformative and personalized solution to enhance their everyday listening experiences.”

With the support of the Vogt Award, Immersive Hearing Technologies is poised to establish itself as a leader in the field of VR hearing aid technology, positioning the University of Louisville as a hub for groundbreaking innovation in the realm of auditory health and technology.

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