US Congress to consider two new bills on artificial intelligence

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  • US Senators have proposed two bipartisan bills related to artificial intelligence (AI) to address issues surrounding the technology. The first bill would require government transparency when using AI to interact with people and establish an appeals process for affected individuals. The second bill proposes the creation of an Office of Global Competition Analysis to ensure the US remains competitive in AI and other emerging technologies.
  • The bills follow growing interest in addressing issues around AI, as well as the recent availability of ChatGPT, an AI program that can answer written questions. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has also scheduled three briefings for senators on AI, including a classified session on defense and intelligence issues and implications.
  • The first proposed bill would require US government agencies to inform people when they are using AI to interact with them. The bill would also require agencies to create a way for people to appeal any decisions made by AI. The second bill would establish an Office of Global Competition Analysis that would ensure that the US remains at the forefront of developing AI to remain competitive against global competitors like China.

In what could be a landmark moment for the artificial intelligence (AI) industry in the United States, the US Congress is reportedly set to consider two new bills on AI.

The first bill, named the AI in Government Act of 2020, aims to promote the use of AI in the US government. Under the proposed bill, federal agencies would be required to establish guidelines and principles for the use of AI within their respective departments.

The bill also seeks to establish an advisory board of experts to serve as a resource for federal agencies and to help develop policies and strategies for the adoption of AI across the government.

The second bill, called the National AI Research Resource Task Force Act, focuses on the development of a national resource for research into AI. The proposed task force would be composed of experts from government, industry, and academia and would be tasked with identifying research priorities and developing a strategic plan for AI research in the US.

The task force would also be responsible for developing a publicly accessible repository of AI research materials, including data sets and algorithms, to be used by researchers across the country.

If passed, these bills would represent a major step forward for the AI industry in the United States. With increasing interest in AI across a variety of industries, the development of clear guidelines and resources for research and development could help ensure that the US remains at the forefront of this rapidly-evolving field.

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