Using Google Assistant, you can do these five cool things

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  • Making calls, sending reminders, and getting directions are all things that may be accomplished with the help of the Google Assistant. However, they are merely the fundamentals that are probably common knowledge. Actually, voice assistants are much more versatile. I’m going to show you some amazing things you can do with your Google Assistant today to help you make the most of it.

Use Google Keep to take notes.

Yes, you may always utilize the manual approach by using Google Keep and manually entering notes with the keyboard. Do you know what may be cooler, though? Dictate what you want to be written down! You can record whatever comes to mind using Google Assistant’s highly accurate voice recognition to construct grocery lists, list your daily duties, or do anything else.

The steps are easy. Just say “Ok Google”, hear “Create a note” and then enter the actual content. However, if you already use a third-party note-taking app such as Evernote, you can say something like “Take a note with Evernote” to point to the app that stores your notes. Once a note is created, you can access it simply by saying the launch word “Hey Google” followed by “Notes!”.

There are a few queries you can use to get information on your favorite team’s results, upcoming games, and more if you follow a lot of sports. How does TEAM fare? displays the most recent information about the team you requested. When she asks “When is the next team’s game?” the Assistant reads her crucial information and starts her Google search page with the next game of the team in question.

If you save something to your computer or phone, it will remain there permanently, unlike if you remember something, which can go. Google Assistant can help you remember things. Your voice assistant will remember “X” if you just say “remember,” Similar to Reminders, but without the time or date restrictions, this function operates similarly. You may, for instance, ask your helper to kindly remind you that your paperwork are in the drawer in your bedroom. If you say “open storage,” you can get to this data. You can also request a little more specificity from your assistance. “Where are the docs, for instance?”

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