Valiant job postings suggest Riot’s shooter will be available on consoles

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  • Riot Games has several vacancies in Valorant’s game job platform Hitmarker related to porting the game to consoles. One was listed as a game design manager for consoles and was released on November 17th. The other was listed as a senior game designer for the console and was released on November 23rd.

the role will “work with team leaders to create a vision for combat in Valorant on consoles.”

Valorant coming to consoles like Xbox and Playstation has been rumored and has been quietly confirmed for months as Riot Games hints at bringing the FPS title to a wider audience. It’s one of the few titles in Riot Games’ library that might have a console port.

His other popular game, League of Legends, is too input-intensive to play with a controller. Riot Games has mobile games, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra all have mobile capabilities.

When Valorant hits consoles, it will be Riot Games’ first title to have a mobile and non-PC version. The developer has never stepped into console waters during his decade-plus as a company. Console release timelines for FPS titles are not provided by Riot. It’s also unclear if the game will come to other mainstream consoles such as Switch.

Valorant isn’t the first tactical shooter with a significant eSports push to get a console version. Both CS:GO and Rainbow: Six Siege have ports for Xbox and PlayStation.

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