Valve uploads a video of his Steam Deck laptop which is unmounted

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Valve first said that while anyone can take apart a Steam Deck, they don’t really recommend doing so. Hosts state that batteries can catch fire and user static discharge can cause component failure. This video gives a quick overview of how easy it is to replace thumbsticks. Valve says these thumbsticks are made specifically for Steam decks and that parts will be available “in the coming months.” The host will also explain how to replace the M.2 SSD.

Valve posted a video on its YouTube channel partially tearing down the upcoming Steam deck. Valve is the company behind Steam, the popular online store for PC games. The Steam Deck is a handheld PC that mimics the Nintendo Switch form factor, giving you a portable way to play PC games on Steam.
The Steam deck featured in the video is still a prototype, and hosts are aware that the final layout and design of internal components may change.


  • The Valve Steam Deck features an AMD Zen 2 + RDNA 2 APU paired with 16GB of RAM. It can be configured with up to 512 GB of internal storage and has a built-in 7-inch screen resolution of 1280 x 800px. Bluetooth, USB-C, and a 3.5mm headphone jack are also supported.

  • The host also said that this SSD was specially selected for the Steam Deck and the user would not attempt to upgrade his SSD as it would not fit properly or might cause interference with the Wi-Fi connection. please The Steam Deck will be pre-ordered in July, with the first wave of units expected to reach customers in December. Steam Deck is a handheld PC used to play video games in a portable form factor. 64GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card starting at $399.

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