Virginia Tech Women’s Team Overcomes a Slow Start to Dominate UNC-Greensboro

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Tech News Summary:

  • Virginia Tech women’s basketball team overcame a slow start to dominate UNC-Greensboro in a 72-51 victory.
  • In the first half, the Hokies struggled with shooting but improved in the second quarter, with Elizabeth Kitley scoring 10 points and Georgia Amoore heating up after halftime.
  • Elizabeth Kitley led the team with 31 points and ten rebounds, while Amoore contributed nine points and eight assists, as Virginia Tech now heads to the Cayman Islands for upcoming games.

In a game that started off with a slow start for the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team, the Hokies overcame a sluggish first quarter to dominate UNC-Greensboro and secure a resounding victory.

The Hokies started off the game with uncharacteristic mistakes and turnovers, allowing UNC-Greensboro to take an early lead. However, Virginia Tech quickly regrouped and showed their true potential in the remaining three quarters.

Led by standout performances from their key players, the Hokies rallied and outscored UNC-Greensboro in every subsequent quarter. Senior guard Aisha Sheppard showcased her scoring prowess, leading the team with a game-high 25 points, while forward Elizabeth Kitley dominated the paint with a double-double, recording 18 points and 10 rebounds.

The Hokies’ defensive effort was equally impressive, holding UNC-Greensboro to a season-low 52 points and forcing numerous turnovers. Head coach Kenny Brooks was pleased with the team’s resilience in overcoming a slow start and praised their ability to execute their game plan effectively.

The victory marked a strong start to the season for the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team, who are looking to build on their success and make a meaningful impact in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) this year.

With this performance, the Hokies have demonstrated their potential to compete at a high level and are determined to continue their winning ways as they progress through the season. Virginia Tech fans have every reason to be excited about the team’s prospects as they look to make a deep run in the upcoming conference and national tournaments.

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