Wearable experiential on site Technology for Events is presented by Bizzabo

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  • The Klik Experiential wearable on-premises technology for major events is introduced by the Event Experience Operating System (OS). Event experience leaders may interact with attendees while collecting meaningful behavioral data with Bizzabo’s SmartBadgetm, which builds on the wide choice of personal solutions for lead registration, check-ins, and enquiries offered by top event technology suppliers.

Between January and September 2022 alone, the number of in-person events on Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS surged by almost 724%. In a recent Bizzabo study, it was discovered that 35% of respondents and 85% of event planners agreed that he intended to host at least 10 in-person events in 2023. Attendee expectations are at an all-time high as live events gain traction.

Checking in should be simple on site. Meetings ought to be accessible. It should be simple to download content. Direct communication should be maintained with exhibitors. Sustainability needs to be prioritized. These expectations are met by SmartBadge, which transforms inert accessories into useful and engaging objects.

With the push of a button, wearable technology enables attendees to check-in to sessions, download content, improve network performance, and exchange contact information with exhibitors and other attendees. Through natural interactions, exhibitors can gather, gain access to, and use strong and straightforward lead search.

Data security because the SmartBadge doesn’t save any personal data. When moving to virtual events, marketers realized the benefit of rich real-time data analytics. can become more valuable for event organizers, attendees, and exhibitors thanks to advanced and user-friendly technology. Eran Ben-Shushan, CEO and co-founder of Bizzabo, noted that just because live events are returning doesn’t mean the data is gone.

Through passive participant tracking, streamlined session management, and data-driven decision-making, event organizers obtain unmatched insight into the behavior of their attendees. a more efficient route to sustainability that does away with pointless paper products and shipping. Because SmartBadges are reusable, organizers can send them back to Bizzabo at any time for recycling and reset.

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