WhatsApp is developing a transcription feature for long voice messages

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The publication shared a screenshot of an “introductory screen” that explains when transcription is not available.As far as we know, transcription supports multiple languages, but users should first You have to manually select the language of your voice messages to work.This means that if your transcription language is different from the language of your voice messages, WhatsApp will not recognize it.

As WAbetaInfo points out, the latest beta version ( of WhatsApp’s iOS app introduces voice message transcription. This version is still in development, so users will not see this feature yet when using this version. WAMetaInfo seems to have dug deep into the app and flipped a switch to enable the feature.

On the other hand, WABetaInfo says that these transcriptions are always done locally on your device by downloading the relevant language pack, so you are the only one reading them. We don’t know when WhatsApp will offer voice transcription to users. Also, there is no evidence that this feature will be developed for his Android as well.

However, this is not the first time this feature has been discovered. WABetaInfo shared a video in September 2021 demonstrating voice message transcription on WhatsApp for iOS. But the trail has gotten colder since then…until now.

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