Witcher 3 vagina modder alleges CDPR used modified version without authorization

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According to the modder, who just replied to my DM on Nexus Mods after seeing the Kotaku story, CDPR “used [their] mods” but “[they] didn’t know about it, nor did they ask for their permission.” I have responded and asked for their contact details for more details and have also reached out to CDPR for comment, but have not heard back from either at press time.

Vagina for Everyone is an old Nexus Mods made for the original PC version of The Witcher 3. It works as the name suggests: adding realistic vulva and pubic hair to many female NPCs, including those who don’t. ever naked frontally. in the game. mods that CDPR bragged about adding to the next-gen update. While the mod in question has two different pubic hair options, the runway version looks almost identical to the genitalia seen on the drones in the next-gen Witcher 3 update, up until soft pubic dust outside the landing strip and labia arrangement. .

It’s unclear how the moderators in question can confirm whether the studio is using their mod, but given their similarity and CDPR’s claims, it’s certainly possible. In response to a question about the inclusion of more realistic genitalia in the upgraded game, CDPR told Kotaku that “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen version has a number of community mods that are not supported by the game.” created by CD PROJEKT RED, besides many improvements made and done by the studio internally Merging everything is a complicated process and the texture mentioned is an unintended result of the version Final. This is something we are working to address.

The studio later confirmed that they would be removing the genitals from the update, writing that “these textures are not meant to appear in the final version of the game.”

Not long before the free Witcher 3 update was released last year, CDPR put together a list of 71 mods that still work with the upgraded version of the game, bringing back 4K textures and a 60fps performance mode. for your favorite role-playing game. The team also confirmed that they will be adding fan-made mods. The Vagina For Everyone mod is not listed on the spreadsheet, nor is it one of the bundled mods.

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