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With Android 11 operating system and Dead Reckoning GNSS TechnologyRuggON updates its VIKING mobile data terminal


The addition of the Android 11 OS and GNSS Dead Reckoning technology to the VIKING, according to RuggON CEO Tom Wang, “strengthens our commitment to supply transportation fleets and public transportation providers with essential data to keep them operating.” We are confident in stating that the VIKING is the best option for fleet management and public transportation since it offers unmatched system performance and is dependable and effective on a daily basis.

The RuggON VIKING Mobile Data Terminal has been improved, according to RuggON, a global manufacturer of ruggedized mobile systems. The new device now features GNSS Dead-Reckoning and Android 11 OS. Because of its inherent toughness, the VIKING offers transportation fleets (light or heavy-duty) and public transit corporations strong, dependable computing performance.


  • Android 11 inclusion also allows Viking users to save licensing costs compared to Windows operating systems. Companies can also utilize Google Play as an application extension, helping them reduce remote management/maintenance/upgrade and other expenses. Since VIKING includes Google Mobile Services (GMS), companies can use Google Maps instead of developing their own maps.

  • Android 11 gives Viking users many new options. Among the features it brings to the RuggON Viking are the following. The Android 11 updated Voice Access is faster and easier to use than previous terations and may be used offline to provide more assistance, reducing network traffic usage and saving costs. In addition, intuitive labels on apps help users control and navigate the Viking simply by speaking out loud. It allows the unit to connect wirelessly to a vehicle’s display, where Android apps used by a company will show up automatically onscreen. In addition, real-time security and privacy updates are sent directly from Google Play to the Viking, keeping units safe and secure.

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