With the help of this amazing VALORANT trick, you can scan doors for enemies without opening them

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The Reyna player noticed they were getting strangely hurt while the VALORANT door in question was completely closed in front of them, and on February 5 they posted their newfound strategy on Reddit. A razor-wielding Raze with a menacing expression was standing there after the door collapsed.

One cunning VALORANT gamer has discovered that you can knife enemy agents through both closed doors on Ascent, and it’s so completely stupid it might just work. Forget busting through doorways head first in your ranked lobbies any longer.

The entire Ascent situation is, of course, entirely replicable.

Players on Reddit questioned whether this sneaky feature was intended to be a part of the game after the trick was discovered. Many other players agreed with one player who said it was undoubtedly a bug. Some people were just in awe and said, “Wait, that’s crazy.”

Others in the neighborhood emerged from hiding to share advice that exploits situations like this; it turns out that this frequently occurs.

You can use a one-bounce click to shoot Sova arrows through the edges of the door, according to a Sova main. The most useful application of this arrow, they continued, is to wallbang someone who is positioned at the switch if you shoot it from the tree side. You need to be careful because the enemy can frequently see you too, a VALORANT player said.

If the bug isn’t new, players haven’t noticed it for a while. It probably appeared after a seasonal lull and was awaiting its The Shining-style breakthrough.

It appears that the Riot developers should investigate this further. However, until then, it might be a cunning way to have cheeky VALOROUS wall hacks.

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