Xbox delayed Starfield after taking a class from “Shipping Games Too Soon”

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  • Starfield, an Xbox exclusive, was postponed by Microsoft last summer. Starfield is now scheduled to debut in the first half of 2023. Fans were understandably irate at the time because of the delay, but Xbox claims it learned from its mistakes.

“After years of teamwork, the decision to postpone the game wasn’t really made because we knew we couldn’t deliver the match we wanted on the scheduled date. is at a certain level and was shipped too early. Games that ship too soon have happened to me before.”

“Looking back at games like Starfield, the team’s long-term investment in his new IP was spot on.”

These choices have monetary repercussions. What happens in terms of platform expansion, subscriber growth, or, to be completely honest, the revenue generated when new games launch? A business decision is to balance. There is no question that the effects of these choices must be considered.

In any case, Phil and the crew obviously believe Bethesda’s next RPG is worthwhile a little extra time, and I sincerely applaud the choice. Xbox had a light year in 2022, but Starfield will eventually gain from the brief wait.

Sadly, Phil doesn’t mention the names of these “early delivery” games (damn, Smash, he wishes he had a hit!). We’re Watching You, from Crackdown 3!

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