Xbox fans will be happy to hear about a recent Fable 4 update

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  • For Xbox lovers eager for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC gaming, the new Fable update has some news. Unfortunately, workers of both Playground Games and Xbox provided the update rather than either company directly. Unfortunately, neither the release date nor the timing of the official trailer are known, which is good news for fans of narrative video games.

Andrew Walsh, who most recently worked for Guerrilla Games, the studio best known for the 2017 video game Horizon Zero Dawn and its 2022 sequel Horizon Forbidden West, provided the news. Both of these games, as you may know, have received favorable reviews and have become top sellers.

There are many factors that contribute to the two games and their success, but one of the bigger contributions is both scripts and stories. Both games offer interesting worlds, interesting characters, and very compelling stories. As a writer, Walsh has contributed to all of this, but joining Playground Games will see him contributing to the story of his new Fable game.

Walsh has not revealed the motivation behind the change, and some have wondered what this means for the game’s development, given that most of the writing takes place in the early stages of development.

A new Fable game – tentatively called Fable 4 by some – was announced in July 2020. That is, over two years ago. Since then, only experts and reports have said the game has been difficult to develop, with Playground Games (a studio previously dedicated to racing games) making it one of the hardest games to make. This is because we made our first attempt at an open-world RPG.

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