Xiaomi’s overseas Internet business “Go Global” strategy is announced at MWC

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  • By announcing its “Go Global” strategy for the year 2023, expanding its cooperative relationships with international partners, and exploring new business opportunities in internet services, Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department (IIB), the global internet business arm of the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, wrapped up their showing at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), one of the biggest events on the calendar for the global mobile technology industry.

At the event in Barcelona over the course of a few days, the management team from Xiaomi’s IIB met clients and partners from all over the world, including established multinational tech companies, bright start-ups, content suppliers, advertising agencies, and developers. “Because to the fact that we are continually researching new markets, MIUI’s commercial worth has not yet achieved its full potential. We’re thrilled to be in Barcelona to reach a larger audience and seize success-generating prospects “Chan Liu, Xiaomi’s General Manager of the International Internet Business Department, remarked.

For smart TVs and smartphones running MIUI, the company’s own independent and adaptable mobile operating system, Xiaomi provides a broad range of online services. As of Q3, 2022, MIUI had 563.9 million monthly active users across over 100 markets, of whom over 422 million were outside of the Chinese mainland. The sizeable user base supports Xiaomi’s global internet business across numerous locations, including the distribution of apps and games, services for integrating content, user growth, and client success.

The company’s revenue from overseas internet services climbed 17.2% year over year to RMB1.7 billion in Q3 2022, setting a quarterly high. Moreover, its percentage of the total income from internet services increased to 24.2%, setting another quarterly record.

In relation to IIB’s content integration services, the question is how to build an entertainment eco-system with content suppliers to benefit users.

Game partnerships, which have helped many game developers with user growth, were one of IIB’s main MWC topics. Because to the company’s enormous user base, as well as its precise and effective distribution and promotion of MLBB, our gaming collaboration with Xiaomi’s IIB has been a big success. According to Xin Zhang, Director of MLBB Partnership Development, “We look forward to continuing to cooperate with Xiaomi’s IIB to extend to other markets and broaden the reach of our excellent mobile game to a wider audience.

We now have quick and direct access to millions of MIUI users worldwide thanks to our collaboration with Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Team. The visibility gives us the ability to provide excellent video material to more people and provide better entertainment for all.” Cecilia Wang, the director of online marketing at Kwai, said.

To assist companies and app developers with their user growth, IIB works with top partners in the sector. At MWC, AVOW, a global app growth company with a German base that specializes in acquiring mobile OEM users, announced that its cooperation with IIB will be strengthened. Working with Xiaomi’s IIB means having access to one of the largest user bases in the world as well as receiving the relevant user insights that matter to our clients. It is a pleasure to deal with Xiaomi’s IIB team because they are efficient, always available, and dedicated to their work just as much as AVOW is.

The collaboration of content on MIUI’s multimedia platforms, including the Wallpaper Carousel (lock screen) and Mi Browser, was another topic of conversation between IIB and Taboola and Glance. “Our goal for 2023 is to go international. In order to benefit both our partners and customers, we anticipate expanding our service portfolio to other markets. On the basis of MIUI and our smart TV, we are open to all forms of collaboration. MWC is merely a stop in our epic journey.” Chan Liu stated.

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