Ye claims he bought Parler because he was penalized on Instagram and Twitter

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  • Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, was motivated to acquire conservative social media service Parler because he felt that existing platforms like Instagram and Twitter were too restrictive when it came to user language. When he got kicked out of Instagram and Twitter, he knew it was time to get his own platform,”  “People have been talking and mentioning this idea for years and it’s been good enough.”

The rapper and designer was recently banned from posting content on several major social media platforms for violating his guidelines. Twitter Inc. removed Ye’s anti-Semitic posts last week, suspending his account just a day after he returned to the platform for the first time in nearly two years. Meta Platforms Inc.’s Instagram also deleted a post about anti-Semitic language. Parler is for people like him who have been disadvantaged by much larger platforms.

“We are using this as a network for people bullied by the Thought Police to come and speak out,” he said. “Express your feelings. Express what is bound within you. Express what bothers you. I use social media as my therapist. ” Elon Musk, the billionaire who agreed to buy Twitter for his $44 billion, said he spoke with Ye after Twitter suspended his account last week. Ye said Musk didn’t advise him to buy a Parler in that conversation, he made the decision himself.

Ye said she plans to have dinner with former President Donald Trump this week and invite him to the parlor. Ye said he will also join Trump’s own alternative network, Truth Social. I have not yet decided whether owning a parlor means completely abandoning other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, and plan to talk to my advisor about that.

Ye was at odds with corporate America and disdained his business partners to pursue his own business. The apparel deal with Gap Inc. expired due to disagreements between the parties, and the sneaker deal with Adidas AG was reviewed by the German sportswear manufacturer. He also clashed with bank executives at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“The most important resource of our species is knowledge,” Ye added. “That’s why we have to overcome the condensation of thought and free-thinking to save mankind. It’s literally serious. They’ve taken enough disagreements from me that I’m willing to risk everything.” I don’t think so.”

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