You may be banned from WhatsApp on connected devices for security reasons

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Please reconnect your device.” well? The first thing to say is that you have done nothing wrong! Auto-logout is part of a security fix WhatsApp is using to address recent issues. This issue meant that if you had multiple devices, your data wouldn’t always sync properly between them. After the issue is resolved by implementing a server-side fix, WhatsApp requires users to log out of their accounts and log back in for the changes to take effect.

The introduction of multi-device support has proven to be one of the most popular WhatsApp features of all time. Although he can only log into his account on his one phone, users welcomed the ability to log into the web-based version of chat and the desktop app as well. But recently, users have noticed that some of the devices they sign in to are automatically signed out. In addition to getting kicked out of my account, I get “Your device has been unenrolled due to an unexpected problem.


  • This doesn’t mean there is a problem. Just sign in again and you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices as usual. You have everything you need to scan the QR code and reconnect your devices, just like when you first set up multiple devices.

  • Instead of issuing a message asking users to take this action (which almost certainly means most users will ignore it), WhatsApp will take control of the situation and ask users to opt out. I decided to force it. Not all WhatsApp users are affected by this issue. So, even if you apply for multi-device support, it may not be immediately removed from your account. It’s important to remember that you didn’t log out because you did something.

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