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You won’t want to buy a new one iPhone At the moment


The iPhone 14 may go on sale following this event on September 16, according to the most recent rumours. Although we don’t yet have any specific details—so far, all we have is Apple’s invite image—keeping this timeframe in mind may be useful when deciding whether to hold off on purchasing the new smartphone or to opt for an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 instead.

It’s possible that Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 lineup in the coming days. This article is a part of CNET’s collection of news, suggestions, and guidance about Apple’s best-selling product, Focal Point iPhone 2022. Consider purchasing a new iPhone. To wait a few days might be in your best interests. Wednesday, Sept. 7, is set aside for Apple’s “Far Out” launch event, where the company is anticipated to reveal the speculated iPhone 14 lineup along with other goods including the Apple Watch Series 8. Even if you don’t want the most recent iPhone, Apple will probably reduce the cost of certain earlier models, so exercising a little patience could end up saving you a tonne of money.


  • That said, there have been some exceptions. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro launched in October 2020, while the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max became available in November that same year. The iPhone X also launched in November 2017. As for what to expect from the iPhone 14, rumors indicate the Pro model could have an upgraded 48-megapixel main camera and a new notch-free look. Apple is also rumored to release a new larger size of the standard iPhone 14.

  • If Apple maintains its current pattern, it will likely announce the iPhone 14 at the Sept. 7 event alongside iOS 16 and launch it in the second half of the month. For example, Apple debuted the iPhone 13 on Sept. 14 before making it available in stores on Sept. 24. Timing was similar for the iPhone 11, iPhone 8 and earlier models.

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