20% of gamers want to own this incredibly rare console

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However, many users would like to own a classic video game console that is very rare to find. They may not work like new, but these rare artifacts can cost thousands of dollars. We recently asked our readers what rare console they would like to own. We collected 588 responses from people in the United States. Surprisingly, the most famous and rare game console is neither the oldest nor the most expensive.

Video games have been around for over 60 years. While early titles were his 2D with simple mechanics, enthusiasts can now enjoy his 3D gameplay in high definition on large monitors and virtual reality headsets. PCs and laptops are powerful enough to run video games, but some video game fans prefer to play on their favorite consoles (like the latest PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X).


  • Now let’s talk about the most expensive game console of all time, the Nintendo Wii Supreme. The original Nintendo Wii launched in his 2006, but quickly became the game developer’s most famous console. Then iPad Supreme creator Stuart Hughes created his Nintendo Wii Supreme. The console is made of 2,500 grams of 22K gold and is set with diamonds on the outside. Hughes says it’s worth $365,000. Despite being the most expensive console, only 14.63% of voting participants voted for the Nintendo Wii Supreme.

  • That’s SlashGear’s findings of the rear game console and its popularity among video game fans. For this survey, SlashGear asked video game fans what ultra-rare console they’d love to own. First, 11.39% of respondents would like to own a Gold Minish Cap Gameboy Advance SP. Genuine Gold Minish Cap Gameboy Advance SPs are listed for between $70,000 and $95,000 on online auction sites.


Ever heard of the Nintendo 64DD? After all, 16.67% of him who participated in our survey wished he could own a rare game console. This is probably one of the oldest consoles on our list, having released in 1996 with games like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The console has never left Japan, but prices for new devices he may exceed $7,8

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