A colorful 1v1 shooter called Clash Of Guns is now accessible on Android and iOS

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The incredible abilities of the Dual Shot Shooters that players can gather and enhance. To boost their strength during the duals, they can also upgrade their shooters. The game also features a tonne of bizarre weapons that shoot slippery sausages or lollipops. Additionally, the game’s weaponry can be upgraded. The key to Dual Shot is to hit incredible headshots with pinpoint accuracy. The incredible superpowers of the shooters can also be used by players to hit their opponents. The player prizes in Dual Shot are plentiful.

In Tapteek’s newest PvP shooting game, Duel Shots: Clash of Guns, players engage in a 1v1 duel with an odd and strange weapon. The game was launched on August 31 and is currently accessible on both iOS and Android devices. Duel Shots is a straightforward game that enables players to quickly engage in a duel without spending a lot of time doing so. This game doesn’t take much time to play, so players can play it anywhere, at any time.


  • Players can collect daily rewards and fight to unlock new shooters with amazing weapons, skills, and game modes. Players can also complete daily quests to claim more rewards every day. Regular amazing updates and events will also be launched in the game for giving the players a flawless shooter duel experience. The game can now be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Are you excited as Duel Shots: Clash of Guns is now available on both Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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