A PC version of There Is No Light will launch on September 19th

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As with There is No Light, global catastrophes happen all the time. Players navigate the remnants of human civilization after cataclysmic events and their new way of life by following a new god called the Great Hand. The protagonist has a mission to open a “door” and save a child from a hostile environment.

Looking at pixelated games, I can’t help but think that our childhood was actually the best ever. And those memories came to mind when I first saw the game There is No Light. Developed by Zelart and published by HypeTrain Digital, the upcoming game called There is No Light is a 2D action-adventure available for PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG) releasing on September 19, 2022 It’s a game. Released.


  • A vast, detailed and beautiful pixel art world to explore.Unique Combat System

  • Key FeaturesAtmospheric Pixel Art World –

Thrilling and Emotional Story – A deep and touching 30-hour long storyline about a family, war and redemption awaits you.Over 70 Types of Enemies and Bosses

Adjust your fight style for every foe and boss by switching between 4 main weapons on the go.

Be prepared to slaughter hundreds of dreadful monsters and bosses!Over 1,000 Dialogues and Karma System

Non-linear narrative helps to build a branching story with meaningful choices that will impact the world according to the player’s decisions.Useful Skills to Upgrade Your Weapons

A massive skill tree for every weapon allows you to build your own fighting style.

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