A post-apocalyptic survival simulation game called Restart: Dawn is now accessible on Android

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The game’s story is much interesting as it is filled with curiosity and vitality. The protagonist of the story whose name is Vincent is shown as an abnormally middle-aged man who is a classic rough and tough guy who suffers from amnesia. The female protagonist named May is a miraculous girl who stands as the only flower of hope in the no man’s land. Rebuild and manage the post-apocalyptic world with unlimited freedom.

Rebuild the globe after the end of the world! Sk Shah Miraj image August 25, 2022Last updated: August 26, 20220 2 minutes to read. In the post-apocalyptic simulation game Restart:Dawn, plots frequently take unexpected turns and are jam-packed with unanticipated happenings. The free-to-play adventure simulation game may be found on the Google Play Store for mobile users.


  • There are numerous gameplays that players can enjoy while playing this game. Some of the gameplays include farming, gathering, supply ordering, manufacturing, rearing animals, decorating, and more. Players can enjoy an enormous and expanding built area and decorate their own sanctuary with a multitude of uniquely themed items including futurism and steampunk.

  • As the game is set in the time of a post-apocalyptic period, players need to explore and rebuild more than 60 functional facilities and thousands of decorations. There are more than 50 characters with unique traits and abilities that players can manage and assemble. The game consists of original world-building that has its history both above and beneath the ground.

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As the story progresses, the male protagonist, Vincent, and the female heroine, May gradually open up to each other and as their journey continues in search of Vincent’s long non-existent daughter, lots of secrets and hidden history are exposed. Android users can start their journey in Restart:Dawn now. As their journey continues, they found a research facility left by a scientist named Sion and they use that for sheltering the habitants and rebuilding the post-apocalyptic world. This habitation is named Restart:Dawn. The game opens up with various stories and every chapter introduces a brand new character, all of them with unique back-stories. If this title is of any interest, it can be downloaded on Android from Google Play. However, no information is available for the iOS release.

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