A prequel game to The Last of Us was almost made

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In a recent interview for Katherine Funny, Neil Druckmann revealed that Naughty Dog is considering a Last of Us prequel centered on Ellie’s mother. This prequel will explain Ellie’s immunity to the cordyceps virus and her relationship to fireflies. This project was not directly developed by Naughty Dog, but by another studio presented to Druckmann by Greg Miller, host of Katherine Funny. The Last of Us prequel, while a good idea to shed light on the characters’ pasts, was ultimately scrapped.

Fans of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic series have long been hoping for some more plot, with the addition of a Last of Us prequel that explores Joel and Tommy’s relationship or a possible light-up. reveal more than what happened after Sarah’s death in the film. opening sequence of the original game. When the events of The Last of Us Part 1 take place 20 years after the cordyceps pandemic began, a lot of information is left out for players as they begin Joel and Ellie’s adventures, giving whether it’s about the character story or whatever. it happens when the world as it is known falls apart.

In episode 9 of the HBO series The Last of Us, viewers are introduced to a pregnant woman named Anna, played by Ellie’s original voice, Ashley Johnson. Anna gave birth to Ellie when she was bitten by an infected person, which may be why Ellie is immune to cordyceps infections. Later in the same episode, the leader of the Fireflies, Marlene, explains to Joel that the cordyceps thinks Ellie has been infected and that may be why she is immune. According to Neil Druckmann, this entire story was planned for the original Last of Us game, but it went further back in time than the studio could possibly put into a video game.

Although this Last of Us prequel game has never made it to gamers’ consoles, this project proves that Naughty Dog still has a lot of stories to tell. The HBO series has provided more plot information that players haven’t received from the game, and the upcoming installment could provide more details about the past of Joel, Ellie, and their companions. However, The Last of Us Part 3 is probably not Naughty Dog’s next project so players will have to wait longer to know what happened after The Last of Us Part 2 ended.

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