A significant change to the Overwatch 2 balance patch affects tanks while nerfing Mercy

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Blizzard is decreasing all tank heroes’ health totals in game modes without a role queue, which is relevant to tanks. In game modes where multiple heroes can be on the same team, the change, according to Blizzard, will “address the relative power of those heroes.” A character like D.Va will, in actuality, have a mech base health of 350 in role queue modes, but only 200 in non-role queue modes. Doomfist’s health will be 450 in role queue, but it will only be 300 in non-role queue modes. The adjustment might deter teams from tripling or doubling up on tanks in some modes.

How much ult charge players keep when switching to another hero in Overwatch 2 will change, and this change will start with season 3. Blizzard has so far allowed players to keep 30% of their ultimate charge, but starting on Tuesday, that will decrease to 25%.

Additionally, changes are being made to specific tank heroes. The Annihilation ult of Ramattra has changed:

The duration timer is now slowed instead of completely stopped when an enemy is damaged with the ultimate. up to 20 seconds long

The overall cost went up 12%.

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