After months of research, a cut level of Super Mario 64 was found

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  • After a month-long search, Nintendo historians unearthed the lost company’s catalog and discovered a never-before-seen glimpse of a Super Mario 64 stage.

The Render Archive, a fan group dedicated to finding official rendered graphics for classic Nintendo games, will launch a call in February 2022 to find anyone with access to a copy of a 1996 Nintendo company report. Did. After a well-timed retweet, Twitter user Nintoid stumbled across the phone and announced that she had a copy of the report.

Within days, the report was scanned and uploaded to Nintendo’s historical site, Forest of Illusion. It’s all in Japanese, but it’s full of fun artwork and provides a great time capsule to a time when the company was simultaneously promoting SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, and Virtual Boy.

However, there is a surprise at the end of the report. A series of filmstrip-style screenshots from an early version of Super Mario 64. Much of the footage in which these shots were taken has either already appeared in published promotional materials or has not been made public. It’s very different from the last game.

However, there’s a segment of Mr. I’s enemies shooting bubbles at Mario in a previously unseen room. This area is very similar to the Big Boo’s Haunt level, but this particular area does not appear in the final game. It seems Nintendo had a lot of ideas for this level, as other unused areas resembling haunted houses appeared in similar promotional materials, which weren’t reflected in his version of Super Mario 64’s release.

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