Android phone game controller for Xbox Cloud

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That’s where mobile controllers come in. The best game controllers for Android span a wide range of products and designs. After spending time testing the Nacon MG-X Pro, it’s clear that it embodies everything a good Android controller should have.

I had a chance to test some awesome Android controllers on Android Central. Gamers are spoiled for choice with models like the Razer Kishi and PowerA MOGA XP5-X. And as mobile games grow, so does the need for a good mobile controller. Some games are designed specifically for touch controls, but many games accessible via cloud gaming don’t offer that luxury.


  • The reason for the price difference is unknown because the same model can be purchased in the United States. Either way, it appears to be the only retailer selling them in the US if you’re looking to purchase them.

  • Stack up against the other products on this list and it should easily win the crown. Nacon sells the MG-X Pro Android controller on his website for $80. There are two variants of him, one for Xbox and one for generic. Nacon also sells the MG-X Pro for $100 through Amazon’s RIG.

That’s exactly what the MG-X Pro offers is what you do. From the moment I picked up the MG-X Pro for the first time, I knew I was going to have a great time. And unlike using a controller with a phone clip attached to the top, the MG-X Pro’s design doesn’t make it feel top-heavy.

One of the aspects of the Nintendo Switch that people complain about the most is the Joy-Cons, whose design isn’t ideal for long hours of gameplay. Emulated in the controller. Like others, I have no issues with this design, but I do realize that a larger grip like a dedicated console controller would be more comfortable.

Weight distribution is perfect, and while the clamp is a little less strong than other similar Android controllers of its ilk, it does have a raised lip to hold your phone securely. Overall, the design exceeded my expectations.

The face buttons, thumbsticks, and D-pad don’t feel cramped either. This is another problem with mobile controllers. They are distributed in a way that feels natural. Using a controller is all about muscle memory, and even the slightest deviation in design can throw you off balance, and when you compare the buttons on the MG-X Pro to the Xbox controller, they’re as close as you can get.

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