Ask Instagram: Will AirPods Pro 2 Apple’s most nerdy earphones

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I agree with that is what’s occurring to Apple’s extremely famous AirPods Pro (without a doubt pass on any public shipping community and matter the ears they are protruding of, like little ice-white tadpoles) – simply because the AirPods Pro 2 are because of arrive.My reason? Easy get entry to to Apple Music’s very own extraordinary Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless audio output – the decision no contemporary AirPods (no, now no longer even the excellent Apple AirPods) can deliver, all to be had at no greater value together along with your excellent-cost Apple Music subscription (see? I’m now no longer an Apple hater).

You’ve possibly heard that the AirPods Pro 2 are coming, probable even at Apple’s September 7 event. Well, come they may (or possibly they will virtually come a piece later as I suspect, in October), however I’m now no longer positive they are the peak of aspirational audio goals any greater. Why? Because whatever or anybody that turns into ubiquitous (Coldplay, James Corden, the word “doggo”, pouting selfies taken from impossibly excessive angles) can grow to be deeply passé in a heartbeat, considering that famous flavor is not often precise flavor – and herd-fans are hardly ever the maximum fashionable of creatures.


  • And the Instagram account @WiredItGirls(opens in new tab), which lists a few 11.5k fans on the time of writing, agrees. With headphone-carrying celebrities along with Naomi Campbell, Nina Kraviz and Jennifer Lawrence papped searching sublime with the wind underneath their wires (and a few starlets even speakme approximately how ‘clear’ their bodily linked in-ears sound in comparison to AirPods(opens in new tab)) a clean technology of analog audio enthusiasts are having greater than only a moment.

  • Recently, I changed into capable of get maintain of a couple of $1300 Audeze Euclid in-ear headphones, and infrequently have I skilled such satisfaction of possession and area of expertise on my commute – and I nevertheless get messages from readers who percentage my love of the vintage iPod Classic I tote round, in spite of the lossy MP3 documents it in large part houses.And why should not we enjoy an uncommon earpiece? We’re speakme song here, one of the best and maximum various types of expression! Music shapes us; the myriad bands and genres we revel in extend our identities and heighten our feel of belonging to some thing bigger – so I agree with our headphone of preference need to replicate that.

Look, as a 42-year-vintage woman, I do now no longer suppose stressed out headphones are retro. I don’t forget them first time round, established to the Sony walkman I shared with my sister, taking note of Janet Jackson or Kate Bush and dancing round our room withinside the mid-’80s. But this isn’t a nostalgia experience either – I absolutely decide on stressed out listening for sound high-satisfactory and security.

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